St. Croix Map

Map of St. Croix

84 square miles (218 sq km) of land area makes St. Croix large by Virgin Islands standards, as it occupies more territory than St. Thomas and St. John combined. The environmentally diverse island is a virtual jigsaw puzzle of varying terrain but, with a good map of St. Croix, it is easy to get around and can be explored in the matter of a day. The cultural and geographical heart of the island is Christiansted, visible in the northeastern half of this map of St. Croix. Many of its fifty thousand residents live in and around the capital, with the rest scattered in smaller towns across the map of St. Croix. The island is flatter than its USVI cousins to the north, but a low-lying range of hills does cut across the northern length of the map of St. Croix. A genuine rainforest is also present here, in the fatter western portion of the map of St. Croix near Frederiksted. St. Croix is ringed with sandy beaches and, further out, bright coral reefs, making the island a haven for sunbathers and scuba divers alike.

Map of St. Croix (click map to enlarge)

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