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St. Croix - Medical Concerns

No vacation destinations are entirely free of health concerns, and this is also true of St. Croix. Medical concerns here range in nature, with most being of the relatively harmless everyday variety. The majority of St. Croix medical issues can be avoided altogether by taking a few logical precautions, like heeding warnings about sea conditions, for example.

The St. Croix medical problem that visitors are most likely to encounter is overexposure to the sun. Many travelers underestimate the strength of the tropical sun and end up with some degree of sunburn or sunstroke. This can be easily avoided by protecting your skin with adequate sunscreen and avoiding long hours of tanning. St. Croix medical experts also advise travelers to drink lots of water to stave off dehydration. Apart from that, minor St. Croix medical warnings include watching out for sand flies and wearing insect repellent to ward off mosquitoes in forested areas.

There is one major St. Croix medical facility catering to the island's emergencies. The Gov. Juan F. Luis Hospital and Health Center is located in Christiansted, and handles all but the most serious of health conditions. Visitors with minor St. Croix medical issues - stomach upset, sunburn, headaches, etc. - should be able to find what they need at one of the island's pharmacies.

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